Is your child finishing high school this year?

6 October 2021

Find out how this affects your Family Tax Benefit (FTB) and what you need to do to prepare.

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When your child completes year 12 or an equivalent qualification, your FTB for that child will stop. If your child finishes in November or December, we usually stop paying FTB on 31 December.

Your child may get their own payment if they do further study and training or look for work. This includes fortnightly payments like Youth Allowance or ABSTUDY and other payments to help with living and moving costs.

To prepare for 2022, they’ll be able to claim up to 13 weeks before their study or training starts. You can help them get ready now by encouraging them to do all the following:

  • read about the support available when leaving school
  • use the Payment and Service Finder to find the payment for them
  • get their own tax file number
  • create their own myGov account and link to Centrelink.

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Find out more about what happens to your FTB when your child stops studying.

Page last updated: 6 October 2021