What you need to do so we can balance your Family Tax Benefit (FTB)

15 June 2021

Find out what you need to do so we can balance your FTB payments as quickly as possible.

We’re getting ready to start balancing FTB for families from early July.

This is where we compare how much FTB you got with how much you’re entitled to.

It’s important we have the right information about your circumstances so we can do this as quickly as possible. The good news is, you don’t need to call or visit us.

What we need from you from 1 July

In some cases, we already have the information we need to balance your FTB after you get your last payment for the financial year.

You don’t need to tell us anything if all of these applied to you for the whole financial year:

  • you were single
  • you got an income support payment without a break.

If this doesn’t apply to you, then you’ll need to confirm your family income. You’ll need to either:

  • lodge your tax return with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)
  • tell us if you don’t need to lodge a tax return.

If you have a partner, they’ll need to do this too.

If you or your partner don’t need to lodge a tax return, tell us by using either:

On 31 March, the temporary Coronavirus Supplement ended and from 1 April, some income support payments increased by $50 a fortnight. These changes mean that your adjusted taxable income for the 2020-21 financial year might be higher and you may need to lodge a tax return. Use the Do I need to lodge a tax return? Tool on the ATO website to find out if you need to lodge.

Remember, we’ll write to you when we’ve balanced your FTB to let you know your outcome. You’ll also see your outcome in your Centrelink online account through myGov or your Express Plus Centrelink mobile app.

We balance Child Care Subsidy (CCS) separately to FTB. We’ll let you know what you need to do to have your CCS balanced later.

Next steps

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Page last updated: 13 July 2021