We’ve changed the way we recover child support overpayments

22 March 2021

If you pay or receive child support, here’s what you need to know.

We can recover child support overpayments in the same way we recover overdue child support payments.

An overpayment occurs when a receiving parent gets paid money they shouldn’t have. This could be due to a change in their child support assessment. We can’t refund the overpaid money to the other parent until you pay it back.

In most cases, if the receiving parent gets too much child support, they need to pay the money back.

We’ll contact you with information about the overpayment and options for repaying it. Make sure your contact details are correct.

If an overpayment isn’t voluntarily repaid, we have ways to recover it. We’ll recover it in the same way we recover overdue child support payments. Please contact us before the due date if you can’t repay the money.

If you have been overpaid, we may:

  • recover amounts from your child support
  • ask your employer to deduct amounts from your pay
  • deduct part of your Centrelink payments
  • use all or part of your income tax refund to repay the overpayment.

Remember, if you pay or receive child support, make sure we have your correct contact details. This is so we can contact you if needed. You should do this even if your child support case has ended.

To update your details either:

Next steps

Read more about overpayments and how they can affect your child support.

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Page last updated: 22 March 2021