We’re updating the Express Plus Medicare mobile app

20 April 2020

If you use the Express Plus Medicare app, you can choose to update your app now, or before 23 May 2020.

After 23 May, you’ll need to use a universal myGov PIN to access your Medicare online account through the app.

We suggest you update it now, so you don’t lose access to your app.

If you’re not asked to create a myGov PIN when you sign in, it means you already have one. You must have already set it up for either:

This is your universal myGov PIN. It works for all 4 apps. If you change your myGov PIN, it will change for all the apps.

You can reset your myGov PIN at any time in the app or in your myGov account settings.

Next steps

If you haven’t used the Medicare app before, you first need a myGov account linked to Medicare.

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Page last updated: 21 April 2020