We’ll send an SMS if we still need information about your assets

8 December 2020

If we stopped your payment because we didn’t have your asset details, we need information from you to restore it.

The assets test exemption for the following payments ended on 24 September 2020.

This applies to:

In September, we asked you to give us your asset details if the exemption applied to you. The exemption meant we could approve your payment claim without knowing the value of your assets.

We need your asset details to make sure you’re still eligible for your payment. We also need these details to pay you the right amount.

If we didn’t have your asset details on 25 September 2020, we suspended your payment. To restore your payment, you need to contact us on your regular payment line. A service officer will then tell you what information we need.

In December we’ll also send you an SMS reminder about this.

If you don’t contact us, we’ll cancel your payment. To get any further payment from us, you’ll need to make a new claim.

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Page last updated: 8 December 2020