We might ask for your parents’ income details

11 January 2021

If you’re dependent and claiming a student payment, your parents need to give us their income details.

Why we ask for your parents’ income details

We ask for your parents’ income details to make sure we’re pay you the right amount.

We ask this of people aged 21 or younger who are claiming any of these:

When we’ll ask for your parents’ income details

We’ll ask for these details when you apply for a student payment. Your parents or guardians need to go online themselves to tell us about their income. Read more about how your parents can give us their income details.

Once you’re getting a payment, we’ll ask you to review and update these details in September each year. We do this to make sure we keep paying you the right amount.

We only need your parents’ income if we consider you dependent. In most cases this is if you’re 21 or younger. If you’re 22 or older, we consider you independent. If we don’t ask for parental income details, you don’t need to send them to us. We don’t ask for income details if your parents get an income support payment.

What details we need from your parents

We will ask for your parents’ or guardians’ income and any maintenance income they pay. This is usually for the previous financial year and is their combined taxable income according to the Australian Taxation Office.

Maintenance income includes any child support or voluntary maintenance your parent got for any children in their care. If you’re under 16 and get ABSTUDY Living Allowance we won’t include maintenance income.

If your parent pays child support to someone else, we subtract this amount from their income.

What amount affects your payment

If your parents or guardians earn less than $55,626, there’s no change to the amount you get. If they get more than $55,626, your payment will go down by 20 cents for every dollar over this amount.

Where to find more information

Read more about the annual parental income reassessment for people getting Youth Allowance and ABSTUDY.

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Page last updated: 15 January 2021