Tips for reporting your employment income online

26 May 2020

Reporting your income is quicker with our new online services.

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You may already know that you can report your income and changes to your circumstances online. But now there’s more you can do online using either:

Check your reporting dates

Your reporting dates may change when we close for public holidays, such as New Year’s Day. To help you plan ahead, you can view your reporting dates online, 12 weeks in advance. This means you don’t need to contact us to check if your dates are right.

Record and update your ongoing employment income

You can record and change your ongoing employment income online, including income from JobKeeper payment. For example, you can add a new employer and record your regular ongoing wages. You can do this if you get:

  • Age Pension
  • Austudy
  • Carer Payment
  • Disability Support Pension
  • Parenting Payment and don’t have ParentsNext requirements
  • Youth Allowance as a full time student.

Fix a mistake

If you make a mistake reporting your income, you can update it online. This includes reporting back pay from JobKeeper income. You can do this if either of the following apply:

  • you’re fixing mistakes for a reporting period from 30 March 2020
  • you’re fixing a mistake for a reporting period less than 6 fortnights in the past.

If you need to make other changes, you’ll need to call or visit us.

Tell us if you can’t meet your mutual obligation requirements

If you’re a principal carer, we know you might not always be able to meet your mutual obligation requirements. For example, your shifts might get cancelled because of the New Year’s Day public holiday.

You can tell us online if you can’t meet your mutual obligation requirements for a short time. This applies if you’re getting 1 of these payments:

Mutual obligation requirements start again in a limited capacity from 9 June 2020. You still need to report your employment income.

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