Tell us when your study details change to avoid getting overpaid

3 March 2020

It’s important to let us know when something in your life changes. That way you won’t get overpaid.

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Overthinking gets you nowhere. Overeating can make you feel awful. And getting overpaid, if you get a student payment, is another thing to avoid.

If you’re overpaid, you’ll have to pay money back. That’s why it’s important to let us know when something in your life changes. That way we can adjust how much we pay you each fortnight.

If you change any of your study details, let us know within 14 days. This includes if you’ve:

  • dropped a subject
  • changed your course
  • stopped studying completely.

If you drop a subject, you may no longer be a full time student. This means you may no longer be eligible for a student payment. Check with your education provider if you’re still above 75% of a full time student load for your course. You can usually find these details on your student portal.

A common way students get overpaid is when they work more hours and don’t report their income to us correctly.

Keep track of what you’re earning, and report your gross income each fortnight. Reporting your income correctly is the easiest way to avoid getting overpaid.

Update your details online using either:

Next steps

Read more about what changes you need to let us know about when you get 1 of these payments:

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Page last updated: 3 March 2020