Taking a study break? Let us know

9 July 2021

Are you changing your study plans in semester 2? You need to tell us within 14 days, so you don’t get a debt.

We understand this year has been difficult to navigate when it comes to study. If you decide to take a break or change your course, you need to tell us.

If you get payments from us, changes to your study may affect them. These include things like you:

  • stop studying
  • change your course
  • move to a different campus or institution
  • drop one or more subjects
  • stop being a full time apprentice
  • have changes to your income
  • don’t start your course within 2 weeks of your start date.

If you have had any of these changes, tell us within 14 days, so we don’t overpay you. If we overpay you, you may end up owing money that you’ll have to pay back.

Next steps

You can tell us about changes to your study using the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app.

Page last updated: 26 July 2021