Stay on top of reporting – go online

21 January 2020

You can now view your reporting dates and update your mutual obligation requirements online.

You can check your reporting dates online 12 weeks in advance. This will help you report at the right time. Remember, your reporting dates may change when we close for the Australia Day 2020 public holiday.

This means you don’t have to contact us to check your dates are correct. You also don’t need to wait for us to give you a reporting statement.

If you need to report your income, you can do it online. Someone close to you or an organisation can also report on your behalf. You just need to make a nominee arrangement online.

If you’re a principal carer, we understand you might not be able to meet your requirements. Your shifts could get cancelled because of public holidays, or you or your children could get sick.

You can tell us online if you temporarily can’t meet your mutual obligation requirements. This applies if you’re getting 1 of these payments:

To see your future reporting dates or tell us you can’t meet your mutual obligation requirements, you can either use:

This saves you from calling or visiting us.  

If you don’t have an online account, you can still do these things in person or over the phone.

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Page last updated: 21 January 2020