See if you can get a student payment

22 November 2021

If you’re thinking about studying and need financial help, the Payment and Service Finder is a good place to start.

The Payment and Service Finder is an online tool that can:

  • let you compare different payments
  • give you an idea how much you could get
  • help you find local services depending on your situation.

Find a payment

Go to Payment and Service Finder and select Payments.

We’ll ask you some questions about your circumstances like your age, relationship status and living arrangements. If you’re a student, you may be eligible for Youth Allowance, ABSTUDY, Austudy or another student payment.

Get an estimate of your payments

Tell us more about your circumstances and we’ll let you know your possible payment amount each fortnight.

Depending on your age and circumstances we might ask:

  • how much you earn
  • how much your parents earn.

This doesn’t mean you’ve applied for a payment. It’s a guide only.

Find a service

Go to Payment and Service Finder and select Services to find local services based on your situation.

Choose a service to find further support and information.

Next steps

Use the Payment and Service Finder through our website.

Page last updated: 22 November 2021