The second round of Economic Support Payments

1 July 2020

We’ll pay the second $750 stimulus payment to eligible people in July.

From 13 July, we'll start issuing the second $750 Economic Support Payment (ESP) to eligible people.

This is part of the Australian Government’s financial support for people affected by coronavirus.

The second ESP is an additional payment if you’re both:

You won’t get the second ESP if you’re getting the Coronavirus Supplement, even if you got the first one.

If you’re eligible, we’ll pay it straight into your bank account. You don’t need to do anything.

If you have a Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card, make sure we have your bank account details. Read more about how to update your bank account details through your Centrelink Online Account.

If you claim Family Tax Benefit (FTB) as a lump sum, you’ll get your ESP with your lump sum. You’ll get:

  • your first ESP after you’ve claimed for 2019-20 and confirmed your income, you can’t do this until July 2020
  • your second ESP after you’ve claimed for 2020-21 and confirmed your income, you can’t do this until July 2021.

The ESP is non-taxable and doesn’t count as income.

When you’ll see it in your bank account

The exact date will be different for everyone. It’s not linked to your regular payment date.

We’ll start issuing it from 13 July 2020. You should see it in your bank account sometime between 15 July and the end of July.

You may see it in your online account up to 48 hours before it appears in your bank account.

If you haven’t got your payment by the end of July, and you think you should have, phone us. This is unless you’re claiming FTB as a lump sum.

Next steps

Read more about Coronavirus and how we may help.

Read more about the government’s economic response to the coronavirus.

Page last updated: 16 July 2020