Our internal review process has changed

17 May 2021

We’ve made it simpler for Centrelink customers to get a formal review of a decision.

If we’ve made a decision you don’t understand or agree with, you can either:

  • ask for an explanation
  • apply for a formal review.

From 15 May 2021, our internal review process changed. Now, if you apply for a formal review, it will go straight to an Authorised Review Officer. Previously, we had to do an extra check of a decision before you could get a formal review.

When you ask for an explanation

You may want to ask for an explanation if you don’t understand a decision or the reasons for it.

If you ask us for an explanation, we’ll check the decision. We’ll call you to explain the decision and answer your questions.

We may be able to sort out your concerns or change a decision without needing a formal review.

We aim to contact you to explain a decision within 14 days.

If you’re not satisfied with the outcome of an explanation, you can still apply for a formal review.

When you apply for a formal review

You may want to apply for a formal review if you understand our decision but disagree with it.

You don’t need to ask for an explanation before you can get a formal review.

An Authorised Review Officer will carry out the review. They’re independent officers who will:

  • speak with you about the decision, where possible
  • look at the facts, the law, and the policy involved in a decision
  • change the decision if it’s wrong
  • write to you to let you know the outcome of the review.

We aim to complete a formal review within 49 days.

If you’ve already applied for a review

If you asked for a review before 15 May, you don’t need to do anything. We’ll keep working on your review.

Next steps

Read more about reviews and appeals of a Centrelink decision.

Page last updated: 17 May 2021