Online is the way to go for students reporting income

1 May 2020

If you’re getting a student payment from us and you’re working, we expect you to report your income each fortnight.

If you’re getting Youth Allowance, Austudy or ABSTUDY, and earning money, we’ll ask you to report your income. This includes your partner’s income. You’ll need to report your income to get your first payment.

If you told us when you claimed that you and your partner aren’t earning money, we’ll pay your first payment automatically. If you don’t have a job you don’t need to report income.

How to report your income

You’ll need to log into your account. You can use either:

You’ll be prompted to report your income. It will take you through a series of steps you’ll have to follow, including adding your employer.

You’ll need to add your income details, including how many hours you’ve worked.

We need to know the gross amount you and your partner earn. This is so we can pay you the right amount. If your earnings change, you need to tell us.

Income can be money you get any of the following ways:

  • earn from a job, including JobKeeper payment
  • get from another source, for example an investment
  • get as a gift or allowance.

You can also use your Income Bank to offset your employment income, including JobKeeper payment.

If you have a change in circumstances, you need to let us know. If you don’t, we may pay you too much. This means you may owe us money that you’ll have to pay back.

If you’re having trouble with your online account, you can report your income over the phone. You can call our Centrelink reporting line 24 hours a day.

When you need to report your income

If you have a job, you’ll need to report your income each fortnight. This is even if your income was 0 in the past fortnight. We’ll tell you in a letter when your reporting period starts and ends. This includes what date you need to report. You can also check your reporting date using your Centrelink online account or the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app.

You can’t report your income before your reporting date.

If you don’t have a job you don’t need to report income. You can tell us online if you start or stop a job.

What to do if you miss your reporting date

If you didn’t report on your reporting date you can still do it. But it means your payment will be late.

You can report online up to 27 days after your reporting date. If you’re more than 27 days late, you need to call us on the student line. If you get ABSTUDY, call us on the ABSTUDY line. You won’t get paid until you report.

If you wait too long to contact us, we may cancel your payment. If you no longer have a job, you can tell us this online.

Where to get more information

Learn more about income reporting.

Read a step by step guide to reporting employment income for students using your online account.

If you have questions, you can ask us at Student Update on Facebook or Twitter. Remember, you shouldn’t share your personal details when you contact us in a public space like social media.

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Page last updated: 27 May 2020