New SMS for Centrepay deductions

19 October 2021

We’ve introduced a helpful SMS feature for Centrepay customers who use electronic messaging.

This means you’ll know when Centrelink or a Centrepay business change your Centrepay deductions on your behalf.

You may get an SMS when we or a Centrepay business do any of the following:

  • set up, change, cancel, suspend or resume a Centrepay deduction
  • there is more than one deduction for the same goods or service.

You’ll also get an SMS when the following happens:

  • a deduction hasn’t changed for 12 months
  • your deductions reach their target amount or end date.
  • your Centrelink payments don’t cover your deductions.

You won’t get an SMS if you:

  • made changes using the Express Plus mobile app or online services
  • have a nominee arrangement.

If you think we or a business made a change without your consent, please contact us.

Remember, to track and check your deductions to make sure they’re still okay.

Next steps

To get Centrepay SMS messaging you need to subscribe to Electronic Messages.

Page last updated: 19 October 2021