Never fear, student payments are here

23 December 2019

Find out what options are available for your child once they finish school.

Right now you’re a proud parent because your child has graduated. Maybe you’re wondering what the next steps might be for your child.

If your child is intending to study in 2020, they can claim a student payment now. They can do this if they’re doing 1 of the following:

  • enrolling in uni
  • enrolling in a TAFE or other Vocational Education course
  • starting an apprenticeship.

Even if they haven’t found out which course they’re going to study, they can claim a student payment now.

Keep in mind, your child needs to meet all eligibility requirements. You can read more about who can get:

When your child finishes school

When your child completes year 12, your Family Tax Benefit for that child will stop. When it stops depends on when they finish their study. You can read about what happens when your child turns 16 or stops studying.

If your child doesn’t complete year 12 or an equivalent qualification, your FTB stops from the date they stop studying.

What student payments are available

If your child wants to go to university, TAFE or do an apprenticeship they may be eligible for a student payment. Applying for a student payment will help with the financial costs of living and some study expenses.

If they’re doing full time study, they might be eligible for Youth Allowance as a student.

If they’re an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander student, they might be eligible for ABSTUDY.

When your child is looking for work

If they want to look for work, they might be eligible for Youth Allowance as a job seeker.

We’ll assess students or job seekers who apply for Youth Allowance as dependent or independent.

You can read more about being either:

Next steps

The best way to check if your child can get a payment is by using our Payment and Service Finder.

You can also read more about leaving school.

Ask us questions at  Student Update on Facebook or  Twitter. Remember social media is public so don’t share anything personal.

Page last updated: 23 December 2019