My Task options added to Centrelink online account

5 August 2021

We’ve added options to our menus to help make finding tasks in your Centrelink online account easier.

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You may have a task to complete, such as confirming any employment income or updating your caring details. You’ll get a notification for these in the:

  • Tasks section on your homepage
  • top menu bar - when viewing on a computer
  • left MENU.

At times, the tasks in the Task sections on your homepage won’t display. You’ll see the following message with a link to access your tasks:

‘Tasks and reminders can’t be displayed here right now. You can use My tasks to view and complete your tasks.’

Any tasks you need to complete will always be available by selecting MENU, then My tasks.

Next steps

We have easy-to-read guides to help you use your Centrelink online account and the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app.

Page last updated: 11 August 2021