Meet some of our students: Amy, Dave and … you?

14 January 2020

Everybody’s situation is different. See if you can get a student payment when comparing your circumstances.

Are you from a small town? Are you a mature age student? Are you living in a share house?

It’s sometimes hard to know if you’re able to get a student payment, and which one. That’s why our student profiles might help you to match your circumstances.

If you’re starting uni, TAFE or an Australian Apprenticeship this year, you may be eligible for a student payment. Eligible students, trainees and apprentices can get a payment to help with everyday costs of living and some study expenses.

Our student profiles represent common situations. No one has exactly the same circumstances as you. But with each profile covering a different topic, there may be some that are similar to you, including:

  • living at home
  • moving from a regional location
  • studying after a working gap year
  • studying as a mature age student
  • applying as an Indigenous Australian
  • living in share housing.

If your situation doesn’t match any of our students, you may still be eligible for help. See what you can get based on your situation using our Payment and Service Finder.

How to ask us a question

You can save time by asking questions at Student Update on  Facebook or  Twitter. Remember, you shouldn’t share your personal details when you contact us in a public space like social media.

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Page last updated: 14 January 2020