Maintaining Child Care Subsidy in the COVID-19 lockdown

16 September 2021

We’re continuing to pay Child Care Subsidy (CCS) for families that normally use child care in Greater Sydney.

Usually, we’ll end your child’s enrolment if they don’t attend care for 14 weeks. This means your Child Care Subsidy will stop and you may have to pay full fees from the last day your child attended.

However, this won’t apply and you’ll still get CCS if either:

  • your child care centre is in a Commonwealth declared COVID-19 hotspot
  • your access to child care has been limited by a state or territory government order.

If your child normally attends care in Greater Sydney, you’ll see a $0 session recorded in your Centrelink online account on 13 September. This will stop your enrolment from ending where your child hasn’t attended during lockdown. It won’t affect your CCS.

You can still end your enrolment at any time, talk to your service if you want to do this.

If you live in a Commonwealth declared COVID-19 hotspot area but your child attends a service located outside this area, we’ll end your enrolment in line with the normal rules.

Next steps

Read more about absences from child care.

Page last updated: 28 September 2021