It’s time to update your family income estimate

25 January 2021

Update your estimate so you get the right amount of Family Tax Benefit and Child Care Subsidy for your family.

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We pay Family Tax Benefit (FTB) and Child Care Subsidy (CCS) based on your family income estimate. You always need to keep your estimate up to date. If it’s wrong you may get too much FTB and CCS, which you’ll need to pay back.

We are sending text messages and emails to some families if we think their family income estimate is too low.

To work this out, we use your and your partner’s payroll information from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). We only do this if your employer reports to the ATO through Single Touch Payroll.

If you get a message from us, but are confident your estimate is accurate, you don’t need to do anything. These messages are a friendly reminder that your income estimate may need reviewing and updating.

What to include in your family income estimate

You need to give us your and your partner’s adjusted taxable income.

Adjusted taxable income may include different types of income. Some examples are:

  • employment income
  • any taxable payments you get from us
  • investment income from a rental property
  • some lump sums from early release of superannuation.

Don’t forget you need to include the amount you expect to get for the whole financial year. Read more about what to include in your income estimate.

How to update your family income estimate

You don’t need a reminder from us to update your estimate. You should update it any time there’s a change in your circumstances. This could include if you change your hours at work, get a pay rise or even change roles.

Update your family income estimate now using either:

We have online guides that you might find helpful. Use our online guide to either:

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