Introducing the International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate

19 October 2021

It’s a secure record of your vaccinations for when you travel overseas.

The Australian Government has developed the international certificate to meet agreed international travel standards.

You don’t need an international certificate if you’re travelling within Australia. You can use a COVID-19 digital certificate or immunisation history statement as proof.

If you’re getting ready to travel overseas, you can get an International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate online.

To get it, you need both of the following:

  • a current Australian passport or foreign passport with an Australian visa
  • at least one COVID-19 vaccination recorded on the Australian Immunisation Register.

The quickest way to get your international certificate online is using either:

If you're using the Express Plus Medicare mobile app, you can save your international certificate to your offline files in the app.

If you don’t have a myGov account or the Express Plus Medicare mobile app you can create a myGov account and link Medicare. Then you can request your international certificate online.

If your child is 14 or older, they’ll need to get their own International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate.

If you’re not eligible for Medicare or can’t go online, you can request your international certificate by either:

Find out if you can enrol in Medicare.

Next steps

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Page last updated: 19 October 2021