If your child gets a student payment you can act as a nominee

15 March 2021

Students usually apply for their Youth Allowance or other student payments. But if you’re their nominee you can help.

Usually students claiming Youth Allowance or ABSTUDY are 18 or older and claim themselves. But we understand there’re some instances where it’s better if you manage your child’s payment.

Your child can authorise you, another person or an organisation to deal with us on their behalf.

They can nominate you as:

  • a correspondence nominee, so you can ask us questions and respond to our requests for information on their behalf
  • a payment nominee, where you get and use their Centrelink payments for them.

Your child can nominate you for either one of these, or for both.

You and your child can manage nominee arrangements using your Centrelink online accounts. Both of you need to have a Centrelink online account. If either of you don’t have one, register now.

Read more about how someone can deal with us on your behalf.

Next steps

Follow the online guide to add a nominee.

Page last updated: 15 March 2021