If you get a student payment, report your partner’s income too

29 April 2021

When you get Youth Allowance, Austudy or ABSTUDY Living Allowance, you have to report your partner’s employment income to Centrelink.

If you live with your partner, you need to report their employment income each fortnight. This is so we can pay you the right amount of your student payment.

When you report each fortnight, we need to know both the:

  • gross amount each employer paid you and your partner during your reporting period
  • total hours you and your partner worked.

You can report this income using either your:

If you’re younger than 22, we usually consider you dependent. If you’re dependent, you don’t need to give us your partner’s income.

However, if you’ve lived with your partner for a certain amount of time, we may consider you independent. This means you’ll have to report their income. Read more about being independent for either:

Next steps

Use our online guide to help report your and your partner’s employment income using your Centrelink online account.

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Page last updated: 29 April 2021