How to manage your Parental Leave Pay during coronavirus (COVID-19)

6 July 2020

There are changes that could affect your payment.

In most cases, your employer pays your Parental Leave Pay. If they can’t pay you because of COVID-19, we can pay you.

You can tell us about this change online. Sign in to your Centrelink online account through myGov, then select Parental Leave Pay Circumstances.

If we haven't assessed your claim yet, call the Families line.

JobKeeper payment

Keep in mind, you can’t get JobKeeper payment and Parental Leave Pay at the same time.

To get Parental Leave Pay you must be on leave or not working. This is from your child’s birth or adoption until the end of your Paid Parental Leave period. You can get Parental Leave Pay after your JobKeeper payment ends, if you didn’t work during that time. If you returned to work, you can’t get Parental Leave Pay when your JobKeeper payment ends.

The work test

To be eligible for Parental Leave Pay you need to meet the work test.

Periods of JobKeeper Payment also count as work.

Depending on your individual work circumstances, we may move your work test period under the Dangerous Job provisions. If you had to stop working due to the risk of coronavirus, you may still meet the work test. You must provide proof from your employer and a medical professional. This proof must confirm you stopped work because of the risk to your pregnancy.

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Page last updated: 16 July 2020