How to manage your Dad and Partner Pay during coronavirus (COVID-19)

6 July 2020

There are changes that could affect your payment.

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If you’ve claimed Dad and Partner Pay, make sure you still meet eligibility rules.

JobKeeper payment

You can’t get JobKeeper payment at the same time as Dad and Partner Pay. You can choose a payment start date to get Dad and Partner Pay after getting JobKeeper payment.

The work test

To be eligible for Dad and Partner Pay you need to meet the work test.

Periods of JobKeeper payment also count towards meeting the work test.

Working or getting paid leave

Usually, to get Dad and Partner Pay, you must not be working and not be taking paid leave. However, you may still get Dad and Partner Pay if you work for certain reasons. One reason is if you're a health professional, emergency services worker or other essential worker, responding to a state, territory or national emergency.

You’re an essential worker if you either:

  • have specific skills essential in responding to an emergency
  • are involved in the production of goods or the delivery of services essential in responding to an emergency.

If you’re planning to work for this reason, you’ll need to call the families line.

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