How long will my student claim take to process?

4 March 2021

What to expect once you’ve submitted your claim for Youth Allowance, Austudy or ABSTUDY online.

It’s common to want to know when your student claim will get processed. Because it depends on so many things, we can’t always tell you the day. But we can tell you the steps your claim will go through so you know where it’s at.

If your online claim status is Incomplete you still need to finish any outstanding tasks and submit it. When you hit Submit, you’ll see your claim in your Centrelink online account will have the status Submitted.

This will tell you that you’ve finished your claim. The next time you check the status of your claim, it will be In progress. This means your claim is with us to process.

If we see documents are missing from your claim, the status will change to On hold. We’ll also send you a letter asking for whatever is missing. That could be, for example, your parents’ income, academic transcripts or Tax File Number. It’s important you upload any missing documents online within 14 days so your claim doesn’t get held up.

How long these steps take depends largely on the time of year you submit your claim. From January to March, large numbers of students submit claims for a student payment. This means it takes longer for us to look at every claim.

Once we have all the information we can finish processing your online claim. That’s when the status will change to Completed. We’ll send you a letter telling you if we’ve approved or rejected your claim.

If your claim status is On hold but you don’t know why, check your online claim for any new tasks. You should also check your myGov Inbox for any letters from us. Sometimes your claim status may be On hold while we check your course or study details.

You can also go by your estimated completion date. We give this to you when you submit your claim. We try to process Youth Allowance and Austudy claims in 42 days, and for ABSTUDY claims it’s 21 days. We often process your claim before the date we estimate. However, in busy times, like before semester 1 starts, claims can take longer to process.

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Page last updated: 5 March 2021