How does working impact your student payment?

12 February 2021

We use your fortnightly income to work out how much Youth Allowance, Austudy or ABSTUDY to pay you.

Some people don’t know that you can work while getting a student payment.

The good news is, you can.

If you work, you need to report your gross income. The amount you’re paid can change how much we pay you. We’ll start to reduce your payment if your income is over $437 a fortnight.

This means reporting your gross income each fortnight, even if you get paid the same amount each time. If you pick up a few extra shifts at work, your Income Bank might mean it won’t affect your payment, But you still need to let us know.

If you have a Centrelink online account or the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app, you’re already set up to report online. You don’t need to call or wait for us to give you a reporting statement.

You can also now check your reporting dates online 12 weeks in advance. This helps you report at the right time. It’s useful to know your reporting dates may change when we close for public holidays.

If you don’t have an online account, you can still report over the phone using self service, or visit a service centre to report in person.

If you miss your reporting date we won’t pay your fortnightly payment.

If you’re focusing on study and not working, then you can let us know online you don’t have a job. That way you won’t need to report each fortnight.

Next steps

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Page last updated: 12 February 2021