How coronavirus (COVID-19) can impact people with disability payments

6 July 2020

We have information to help if you get Sickness Allowance or Disability Support Pension.

Sickness Allowance special arrangements

You can keep getting Sickness Allowance until your medical certificate ends. If your circumstances change because of COVID-19 you don’t need to tell us if:

  • your employer closes
  • you’re unable to study full time.

If you still need financial support when your medical certificate ends, you can transfer to JobSeeker Payment.

Disability Support Pension (DSP)

Participation requirements

Participation requirements are currently suspended due to COVID-19.

Mobility Allowance

We’ve stopped Mobility Allowance reviews due to COVID-19. We won’t contact you to check if your situation has changed. If you’re already getting Mobility Allowance, this won’t affect your payment.

Next steps

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You can still access services under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The NDIS has more information about coronavirus in their disaster response.

Page last updated: 13 July 2020