How coronavirus (COVID-19) can impact ABSTUDY

6 July 2020

We have information to help if you get the School Term Allowance and living away from home rate. You can also find out about rules if you need to travel home before the end of the school term.

ABSTUDY School Term Allowance

If you get ABSTUDY School Term Allowance for your child, we’ll still pay the term 3 payment in mid-July. We’ll use your child’s school attendance from term 1 to work out if you’re eligible for the payment. We won’t use term 2 attendance data.

Travel home before the end of the school term

You can use ABSTUDY Fares Allowance for end of term travel if both of the following apply:

  • you get ABSTUDY
  • your school or boarding provider tells you to travel home before the end of the school term because of COVID-19.

Australian Apprentices

You’ll keep getting your fortnightly payment if your Commonwealth Registration Number stays current. You’ll need to call us on the Australian Apprenticeships line if your Commonwealth Registration Number is suspended or cancelled.

Away from home rate

If you get the away from home rate of payment from us, you can keep getting the higher rate. But if you’ve moved back home, all of the following must apply:

  • your study changes temporarily from face to face to online
  • you stay enrolled in your course
  • you maintain your term address, by continuing to pay rent.

Next steps

You can read more about ABSTUDY.

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