Have your say on the future of myGov

19 June 2020

Your feedback on the beta website will help improve your online government experience.

Beta websites are a great way to get feedback before the release of a working website. That’s why myGov wants your feedback on the new myGov beta website.

The myGov beta website gives you information about government services and payments based on events in your life. Whether you’ve had a baby, or can’t work, it helps you find support in one place.

In the future, it aims to:

  • continue adding more service and payment information
  • give you a simple application process with prefilled forms
  • tell you about important events relevant to your life.

Your feedback will help improve this new online government experience. To give feedback, select the Feedback link from any of its pages.

Welcome to the future of myGov. Have your say and shape your experience.

Next steps

Check out the new myGov beta website.

Page last updated: 22 June 2020