Getting JobKeeper Payment? New requirements start 28 September

23 September 2020

If you get JobKeeper Payment and a payment from us, you may have to meet these requirements from 28 September.

Mutual obligation requirements are the tasks and activities in your Job Plan that you agree to do.

You’ll have them if you’re getting JobKeeper Payment and 1 of the following income support payments:

What you need to do

If you haven’t agreed to a Job Plan yet, you’ll need to do this now. If you don’t, your payment may stop.

If you have an employment services provider they’ll contact you to do a Job Plan.

If you don’t have a provider, you’ll need to agree to a Job Plan. You do this through the Online Employment Service on the jobactive website.

When exemptions may apply

Generally, if you get an income support payment you must meet mutual obligation requirements to keep your payment. This applies even if you’re in paid work.

Depending on the hours you work each fortnight either of these may apply:

  • you may not need to do any activities like looking for work
  • you may have reduced activities, including job searches.

You can talk to your provider about this. They can tailor your requirements based on your situation.

If you’re in the Online Employment Service, you can call the Department of Education, Skills and Employment’s Digital Services Contact Centre.

If you live in Victoria, no suspensions or penalties apply if you can’t meet your mutual obligation requirements. We’ll let you know when this changes.

If you’re a sole trader or self-employed, you’ll be exempt from mutual obligations requirements.

What will happen if you don’t meet your requirements

There are suspensions and penalties for not meeting your requirements. This includes not accepting an offer of suitable work without a reasonable excuse.

If you find it hard to meet your mutual obligation requirements, talk to your provider. They may change your Job Plan to suit your current situation.

Where to find more information

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Page last updated: 14 October 2020