Get your immunisation history statement online

4 December 2020

Use your Medicare online account or the ExpressPlus Medicare mobile app to quickly and easily get a record of immunisations for you or your child.

The record is called an immunisation history statement. It lists the immunisations and exemptions recorded on the Australian Immunisation Register. You can get your record straight away using either:

If you can’t use your online account or the mobile app, ask your doctor or vaccination provider for a copy. They can print it for you.

You can also call us on the AIR enquiries line and ask us to send it to you. It can take up to 14 days to arrive in the post.

Your child must be under 14 for you to get their immunisation history statement.

If your child is 14 or older they can get their own immunisation history statement. They can do this:

Next steps

Read more about the Australian Immunisation Register.

Page last updated: 4 December 2020