From 17 March 2021, the Cashless Debit Card is expanding

9 March 2021

If you’re in Cape York, Queensland or the Northern Territory, you may get a Cashless Debit Card from 17 March 2021.

If you’re in Cape York, Queensland

From 17 March 2021, you’ll move from Income Management and the BasicsCard to the Cashless Debit Card (CDC).

Centrelink remote servicing will be in the Cape York area to give you your new card.

We can help you move from Income Management to the CDC.

If you need one, you can get a temporary replacement card from your local Centrelink office. From 22 March, your local Agent can help you.

The CDC replaces your current BasicsCard. But when you transition, you can still use your BasicsCard for the next 59 days.

If you’re in the Northern Territory

You can choose to get a CDC from 17 March 2021.

You’re on Income Management

If you transition from Income Management, you need to give formal consent to Services Australia. You can’t change back once you transition to the CDC.

The percentage of money going onto the CDC will stay the same as under Income Management. The amount of money you get, won’t change. The full amount of any lump sum payments and arrears will go on the card.

You aren’t on Income Management

You can choose to use the CDC and can exit at any time. If you exit the CDC, you may become eligible for Income Management.

If you choose to go on the CDC, 50% of your payment will go on the card and the rest in your normal bank account. The full amount of any lump sum payments and arrears will go on the card.

If you change over to the CDC

Any deductions you had set up under Income Management will stop when you move to the CDC.

It’s important you set up new deductions for things like rent, electricity and water to avoid missing payments. We’ll help you with this.

The CDC is contactless, so you can use it at nearly one million EFTPOS terminals around Australia.

You can also use it to do any of these:

  • pay bills with BPAY
  • make direct debit payments
  • transfer money to other CDC accounts
  • view your balance and transaction history using an online account.

Next steps

You can get a temporary replacement Cashless Debit Card from your local Centrelink service centre.

You can get more information from us about the Cashless Debit Card, and on the Department of Social Services website.

If you need help with banking, lost or stolen cards and card activation, call Indue on 1800 710 265.

Page last updated: 10 March 2021