Five ABSTUDY payments you might not know about

27 September 2021

Learn about some of the ABSTUDY payments we pay to people studying, even if they’re not a full time student.

ABSTUDY is a group of payments for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. Different payments help secondary school, university and TAFE students each year with their part time and full time study.

Here are 5 payments for students in different situations.

  1. Lawful Custody Allowance helps with study and training costs for people of any age in custody. We pay essential course costs.
  2. Away from Base Assistance helps students attend study activities when they need be away from their home or study location. This includes if you need to travel to attend an audition or entrance exam for an eligible course.
  3. Incidentals Allowance helps people study part time as well as full time. We pay a lump sum that varies depending on how long your course is.
  4. Assistance with master and doctorate compulsory course fees helps if you’re studying a masters or doctorate. We pay the full costs of your course fees.
  5. Relocation Allowance helps if you need to relocate for masters or doctorate study. We’ll pay for your removalist costs.

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Find out which ABSTUDY payments you may get based on your situation.

Page last updated: 29 September 2021