Extra Child Care Subsidy (CCS) hours are ending soon

22 March 2021

The extra CCS hours because of coronavirus (COVID-19) will end on 4 April 2021.

If your family's recognised activity level went down because of COVID-19, you may get extra CCS hours. All of the following must also apply:

  • you don’t already have access to 100 hours of CCS
  • between 13 January and 22 March 2020, you were doing more than 16 hours of recognised activity per fortnight
  • you’re now doing 8 or more hours of recognised activity per fortnight.

If you think you’re eligible for extra hours, there’s still time to claim. You can claim any time before 4 April. However, we can only back pay you for up to 28 days before you claimed.

These extra hours are a temporary change because of COVID-19, and will end on 4 April. From 5 April, we’ll start using your actual activity level to work out how much CCS you’re eligible for.

Make sure your activity test details are up to date so we can give you the right rate.

Next steps

Find out more about extra hours because of COVID-19 including how to apply.

Page last updated: 22 March 2021