An easier way to report your employer details

20 November 2020

When you report your employment income through your online account, you may see your employer's details prefilled.

This change is part of the Single Touch Payroll improvements we’re working on with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). These improvements will make it easier for you to report your employment income to us.

How it works

Your employer reports your employment information to the ATO. We then add your employer details into your online account. We can do this because the ATO shares this information with us.

What you have to do

When you report your income, you check the pre-filled information from the ATO and confirm if it’s correct.

If your online account doesn’t include your employer’s details, you can add them in. If they’re wrong, you can reject them and then add the right details.

If you have more than 1 employer, we may pre-fill each one in your online account. This’ll save you time as you won’t have to add your employer details each time you report.

Unless they’re incorrect, you won’t need to enter your employer’s details again.

What stays the same

Your reporting obligations stay the same.

You still need to enter the:

  • hours you’ve worked
  • gross amount you were paid in your reporting period.

Where to get more information

Read more about Single Touch Payroll and income reporting.

Learn how to report your employment income using your Centrelink app with our online guide.

If you have questions, save some time and ask us atServices Australia on Facebook or Services Australia Twitter.

Page last updated: 20 November 2020