Does your child need to move for study?

1 December 2020

We have payments for primary, secondary and tertiary students to help with travel costs, boarding fees and living costs.

Whether they need to live away from home for primary or secondary school or tertiary study, we have payments to help.

We may pay these payments to you, your child or their school. If you or your child wants to claim for 2021, make sure to claim early. Claiming well before the new school year means we’ll be able to process your claim before school starts.

Your child is a primary school student

Family Tax Benefit (FTB) is a payment to help families with the costs of raising children. If you’re eligible for FTB, we can pay it until your child finishes secondary school, or turns 19.

If your child can’t go to a local state school, you may qualify for the Assistance for Isolated Children Scheme. Your child needs to meet living, age and study requirements.

Your child is a secondary school student

If your child needs to move away for secondary school, our payments may help with these costs.

If your child is an Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander student, you may get ABSTUDY. This is a group of payments that can help with:

  • course costs and school fees
  • travel between school and home for study.

Isolated secondary school students may get the Assistance for Isolated Children Scheme.

Students aged 16 or older who need to move away from home for secondary study may get Youth Allowance.

Your child is a tertiary student

Many of our payments are for tertiary students, including where they need to move away to study.

Youth Allowance and ABSTUDY Living Allowance are the main fortnightly payments for school leavers going on to tertiary study. If your child gets one of those, or the Pensioner Education Supplement, they could get extra assistance, including for travel. Your child might be eligible for Fares Allowance or ABSTUDY Fares Allowance. These allowances cover the cost of travelling between your child’s permanent home and place of study.

If your child needs to move from, or to, a regional area for tertiary study, they could get a Relocation Scholarship.

Rent Assistance is another additional payment that helps with the cost of paying rent.

If your child moves away from an outer regional or remote area, they may get the Tertiary Access Payment. This is a one-off payment of $5,000 that we pay in 2 instalments to students moving away for tertiary study.

Next steps

Your child can check their eligibility for payments using the Payment and Service Finder.

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Page last updated: 1 December 2020