Do you want to know if you can get the COVID-19 Disaster Payment?

10 June 2021

If you lost income due to lockdown restrictions, you may be eligible for this new payment. You need to meet some rules.

What the COVID-19 Disaster Payment is

It’s a support payment for Victorian workers who couldn’t earn income because of the lockdown in Greater Melbourne.

We cannot pay the COVID-19 Disaster Payment for the first 7 days of a lockdown.

We assess if you can get this payment by looking at your situation between Friday 4 June and Thursday 10 June 2021. These dates are days 8 to 14 of this lockdown. You need to meet all the eligibility rules on at least one day during this period to get the payment.

Who can get it

It’s available to people who couldn’t go to work and earn an income during lockdown in Greater Melbourne. You’ll need to meet all the eligibility rules to get it.

To find out if you can get it, check if you meet these rules. All of the following must apply:

  • you’re an Australian resident or hold an eligible working visa
  • you’re 17 years or older
  • you live or work in a Commonwealth-declared COVID-19 hotspot
  • you have liquid assets of less than $10,000.
  • you can’t attend work and lost income on or after day 8 of a COVID-19 lockdown
  • you don’t have access to appropriate paid leave entitlements through your employer
  • you’re not getting an income support payment, a state or territory pandemic payment, Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment or state small business payment for the same period.

Who can’t get it

You’re not eligible for this payment if any of the following apply:

  • you live or work outside of Greater Melbourne
  • you’re in Australia on a non-working visa
  • you get an income support payment from us, like JobSeeker Payment
  • you get Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment, or a state pandemic payment or small business payment
  • you have taken paid leave available through your employer.

How you get it

If you’re eligible, read more about how to claim the COVID-19 Disaster Payment.

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