Do you need to update your study details?

23 February 2021

If your study details need updating, make sure you know when and how to do it online.

What changes you need to tell us about

If you’re getting a student payment from us, we need to know when you change your study details. This includes if you’ve done any of the following:

  • dropped a subject and now have a different study load
  • changed your course, provider or campus
  • stopped studying.

It’s also important to tell us about changes your education provider has made. For example, if they reduce your study load, change the course name or close.

When you need to tell us about changes

You must tell us within 14 days if you change course, or change how much or where you’re studying. This helps to make sure we pay you correctly. If you don’t update your study details, you could end up owing money which you’ll need to pay back.

If your first choice for a course changed since you claimed a student payment, that’s fine. Just update your course and provider when you know what you’re studying and where.

How to update your study details

You can update your study details from your device using the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app.

Open the app and log into your account. Select Profile at the bottom of the screen, then Study details.

If you prefer to do your business with us through myGov, go to the menu in your Centrelink online account. Select My Details, then choose Manage study details.

Next steps

Get the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app to use Centrelink services on your mobile device.

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Page last updated: 23 February 2021