Do you have your own Medicare card yet?

21 January 2020

If you’re 15 or older you can get your own Medicare card. It’s a good idea to have one of your own.

Getting your Medicare card

You can get a Medicare card when you enrol in Medicare.

If you were born in Australia, you’re probably already enrolled. And if you’re on your parent’s Medicare card, you’re definitely enrolled.

That means getting your own card is very simple. Go into a service centre and ask for your own card. Complete an application form to copy or transfer from one Medicare card to another.

You will need to provide 1 piece of identification, such as a:

  • student ID card
  • passport
  • birth certificate or birth extract.

We’ll tell you your Medicare number and send your card to you.

You’ll also have to give us your bank account details. That way, any Medicare rebate you get goes into your account.

If, for some reason, you’re not enrolled in Medicare, take your Medicare enrolment form and supporting documents to a service centre.

Using your Medicare card

Having your own card can bring you many benefits, like:

You need to take your Medicare card with you to access health services.

You can also use a digital copy of your Medicare card. To use the digital version, you need to:

If you can’t claim at the doctors, you can use the app to claim your Medicare benefit.

Replacing your Medicare card

Medicare cards are valid for 5 years. We’ll send you a new card before your old one expires. If your address has changed, let us know so we don’t send it to the wrong place.

It’s important to keep your card safe. If you’ve lost your card or it’s been damaged, you need to tell us straight away. You can also request a new Medicare card through myGov if you registered for Medicare Online services or through the Express Plus Medicare app.

Next steps

Find out how your Medicare card and account work.

You can save time by asking questions at Student Update on  Facebook or  Twitter. Remember, you shouldn’t share your personal details when you contact us in a public space like social media.

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Page last updated: 19 February 2020