Do you have to live away from home to study?

23 March 2021

If you move out of home to study, you may get a higher rate of Youth Allowance or ABSTUDY.

Who can get the higher rate

We consider all your circumstances when we work out how much Youth Allowance or ABSTUDY you can get.

You may get a higher payment rate when you need to live away from home to study or do your apprenticeship. This will depend on your situation.

Check out the different conditions that need to apply to get the higher rate of either:

How to get the higher rate

You don’t need to apply for the higher rate. We’ll assess you for it automatically when you claim or tell us of a change to your circumstances.

When coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected you

If you temporarily need to live at home due to COVID-19, you may keep getting the higher rate. Read about getting Youth Allowance if you’re affected by COVID-19.

Next steps

Tell us about any changes to your circumstances, which may affect your eligibility for the higher rate, using either your:

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Page last updated: 23 March 2021