Class action settlement payments and your eligibility

5 November 2021

We’re writing to class action group members about their debt category and if they’re eligible for a settlement payment.

If you’re part of the Income Compliance class action, we’ll send you a letter about your debt category by 19 November 2021.

You may know this as the robodebt class action. Your letter will be sent to your myGov inbox or by post, depending on how you choose to get letters from us.

The letter will explain if your debts are eligible for a settlement payment or not, based on their category.

The letter won’t tell you how much you will get. We’ll start calculating and making payments during the first half of 2022. We’ll write to you and tell you the amount then. Most people will not get large amounts of money as part of the settlement.

If you think your debts are in the wrong category, ask us for a review. You can also ask for a review if we haven’t included a debt you think should be eligible.

Some people may also need to provide us with their payment details before we can pay their settlement.

Read more about how to request a review or update your details.

Next steps

Read about the Implementation Plan for Settlement Distribution Scheme.

Page last updated: 5 November 2021