Claiming a student payment is now simpler

1 February 2021

We may now pre-fill part of your claim so you won’t have to enter your study or Commonwealth scholarship details.

We can pre-fill details about your place of study and the course you’re doing as part of your claim.

This means we’ll ask you to confirm your study details are correct when you claim. If the details aren’t correct, you can update them.

We get this information from the Department of Education, Skills and Employment.

If you get a student payment, you need to keep your study details up to date. You can make updates online. Use the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app or your Centrelink online account through myGov to tell us about changes.

If you don’t update your details when things change, you might be overpaid and have to pay us back.

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Page last updated: 1 February 2021