Celebrating 10 years of Grandparent Advisers

26 October 2020

These specialised staff help grandparents and other non-parent carers who provide ongoing care for children.

For a decade now, Grandparent Advisers have been helping grandparents and other non-parent carers get the support they need.

A non-parent carer could be a relative, friend or even foster carer. They look after children when their parents are unable to care for them.

Since the start of coronavirus (COVID-19), some families have taken on new challenges. Our Grandparent Advisers are aware of how difficult it has been and are here to help.

They can help with all of the following:

Next steps

Get in contact with our Grandparent Advisers by calling 1800 245 965. This is free if you call from your home phone.

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Page last updated: 27 October 2020