Are you overseas or planning to travel outside Australia?

6 May 2020

There are some things you need to know about how the Coronavirus has affected overseas travel.

Thinking of going overseas

There are restrictions on overseas travel. Read the current restrictions on the Smartraveller website.

While you’re overseas

If you get a payment from us, the rules for getting it while you’re outside Australia still apply.

If you were getting payment while outside Australia and you’re payment stops, we may be able to extend your payment period. This is if the delay in your return to Australia was due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, quarantine rules or illness.

To see if we can extend your payment, call one of our International Services phone numbers. If we don’t extend your payment, you may need to apply for it again when you return to Australia.

If your payment stopped the day you left Australia, we won’t extend your payment.

While you’re overseas, it’s important you follow the advice of local authorities. You can find the latest COVID-19 travel advice from the Department of Foreign Affairs on the Smartraveller website.This includes:

Next steps

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