Are you a job seeker thinking of studying?

3 December 2020

If you’re getting a job seeker payment now but want to study in 2021, here’s what you need to know.

We have payments to help people doing full time study. What you can get, and how you get it, depends on your age and situation.

If you’re 21 or younger

If you’re a job seeker getting Youth Allowance now, it’s easy to transfer if you’re going into full time study. This means you can transfer to Youth Allowance for students without making a new claim. To transfer, you’ll need to give us your study or apprenticeship details by calling the Youth and Students Line.

You can’t do it this way if you’re claiming ABSTUDY.

If you’re older than 21 or claiming ABSTUDY

You’ll need to submit a new claim online through myGov.

Austudy is the main student payment for students and apprentices aged 25 or older. Youth Allowance for students and Australian Apprentices is for people under 25. Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students and apprentices of any age can claim ABSTUDY.

You can claim any of these up to 13 weeks before you start your course.

If you’re not sure what the right payment is

You should consider a few things before deciding if a student payment is the right payment for you. These include:

If you’re thinking of changing payments, first use our Payment and Service Finder to work out what you might be eligible for. You can also use it to estimate how much your fortnightly payment would be.

If your circumstances change, you need to let us know within 14 days. This might be if you change courses, your study load, or start or stop work. We need this information to make sure we pay you correctly. Keep us updated of any change to your circumstances online through myGov.

If you want to keep up to date

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