Are you having a study break, or going on exchange or overseas?

19 December 2019

If you’re taking a gap year, or travelling overseas for a holiday or student exchange, you need to tell us.

A gap year is a great way to learn life skills, grow as a person and discover new opportunities. It can also help you find out what you like and choose a career path.

You’ll need to let us know if you’re going overseas or stopping your study. If you go overseas your student payment may stop.

Going overseas

You may be able to keep getting your payment if you’re:

  • studying your approved course on exchange
  • training or working as an Australian Apprentice overseas
  • going to a training camp with the Australian Defence Force Reserves.

You must give us a letter from your Australian education or training provider if you’re studying, training or working overseas. You must give us a letter from your camp commander if you’re going to a Defence Force Reserves training camp.

You may also get your payment for up to 6 weeks if you’re travelling for either:

  • an acute family crisis
  • to get eligible medical treatment you can’t get in Australia.

If you leave Australia for other reasons, like a holiday or to live, your payment will stop. If you go on a short term trip, we’ll restore your payment when you return to Australia.

How to tell us about your study and travel plans

You can tell us your plans in your Centrelink online account through myGov. You can:

What to do next

Find out more about travelling overseas when you get:

Read more about studying overseas on the Australian Government’s StudyOverseas website. This website has information about where to go, what it will cost and important things you need to know.

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