Approved courses for student payments in 2021

16 February 2021

Know what courses you can study to get a payment from us this year.

To get a student payment from us you need to study an approved course. Make sure you know the types of courses you can get a payment for and how to check they have approval.

What courses you may get a payment for

You may be able to get a student payment for the following types of courses:

  • university or TAFE courses, including some masters courses
  • secondary school courses
  • special school courses
  • school-based apprenticeships
  • traineeships
  • courses to get you ready for tertiary study
  • English as a second language.

In most cases, you’ll need to study full time to get a student payment.

How to check if the course is an approved course

To get a student payment for courses at diploma level or above, the course must be eligible for Commonwealth assistance. This will mean the course will offer either:

  • a Commonwealth Supported Place or Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) loan
  • a VET Student Loan.

You don’t need to take out a loan, the course just needs to be eligible for one.

For most courses, you can find out online if they’re approved. You’ll need to:

  • find the provider and course online
  • check the course overview to see if it’s eligible for a VET Student Loan, Commonwealth Supported Place or HELP loan.

You can find vocational education and training (VET) courses on the My Skills website. You can find higher education courses on the Course Seeker website.

You can also check if the course provider has approval. Check if the provider is on 1 of the following:

If you’re studying a masters course, check the updated list of approved education institutions and courses on the Federal Register of Legislation website.

If your course is new, you might not find it online. You can contact us to find out if your course has approval or may get it soon. Ask us on Facebook or Twitter or call the Youth and students line.

What the approved courses are for ABSTUDY

If you’re an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander student, you can get ABSTUDY for the same courses as other students.

You can also get ABSTUDY for some extra courses if they are ABSTUDY approved. The course provider must also be ABSTUDY approved. Check with us if your course has approval by calling the ABSTUDY line or asking on Facebook or Twitter.

You can also get ABSTUDY for all Masters and Doctorate level courses at approved education providers.

What to do next

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Page last updated: 16 February 2021