Important update to residential aged care claiming changes

20 July 2022

The Aged Care Payment System has been implemented.

You can now use the Aged Care Provider Portal and Aged Care Web Services. You may start lodging claims and submitting events such as ACFI, entry (including Palliative on entry), leave and departures.

The upgrade will support Residential Aged Care Funding Reform, which will start on 1 October 2022.

What’s changed

  • use the care recipient ID and your service ID when you contact us
  • upload supporting documentation for oxygen and enteral feeding events in the portal as we no longer accept this by email
  • be careful when you update or delete entry and departure events in the portal as these are linked to other care events. This means they could have a negative impact on the care recipient's means testing information and payment arrangement to the service.

You can also do the following in the portal:

  • view leave balances
  • enter details of a recipient entering a service to receive planned palliative care
  • enter emergency leave - this can only be used in an emergency situation as declared by the Department of Health and Aged Care (DoHAC). Social leave is not to be used in DoHAC emergency declared situations.
  • get an over occupancy report if there is a related issue when submitting a claim.

You can find information to help you understand these changes and use the portal on our Health Professional Education Resources website. This includes a payment statement user guide.


We decommissioned the following forms on 7 August 2022. This is because we now get this information from the Department of Health and Aged Care:

  • Aged Care approved provider statement (AC003)
  • Terms and Conditions for Aged Care Online Claiming using Web forms (AC007)
  • Register or amend access for Aged Care Online Claiming viewing electronic Aged Care Client Records (AC009)
  • Aged Care Application for an Extension of Transition Care (AC012)
  • Application for 21 day Extension for Residential Respite Care (AC017).

We updated the following forms on 20 August 2022. You’ll now need to use your Service ID (NAPS ID) on these forms instead of your Residential Aged Care Service (RACS) ID:

  • Application to add or change Approved Care Service’s bank details (AC015)
  • Aged Care Entry Record (AC021).

Please remove any previous versions of these forms you have saved. From 20 August 2022, we’ll ask you to resubmit if you use an old version.

Payment statements

We added new fields to payment statements. This will make it easier for you to reconcile your payments. You’ll also notice changes to some headings. A new guide is now available on the Health Professional Education Resources page

Palliative care

Entry requirements for palliative care recipients changed on 23 July 2022. You’ll need to tell us if someone is entering a service to receive planned palliative care. This is now available on the Aged Care Provider Portal (ACPP).

Next steps

Find out more about residential aged care reform on the Department of Health and Aged Care website.

Go to the Health Professionals Education Resources website for more information and help using the Aged Care Provider Portal.

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Page last updated: 22 August 2022