How to update your COVID-19 vaccination proof after your booster

4 February 2022

If you’ve had a booster dose, you can update your COVID-19 digital certificate and your state check in app proof of vaccination.

Once updated, your COVID-19 digital certificate will show all your COVID-19 vaccinations, including your booster dose.

Updating your digital certificate is easy.

Simply delete the old version of your digital certificate from anywhere you had it saved. Then, using your Express Plus Medicare app or Medicare online account through myGov, save the updated version in its place.

Don’t forget to re-share your updated COVID-19 digital certificate with your state or territory government check-in apps.

You can also update your COVID-19 digital certificate saved to your Apple wallet or Google Pay.

If you updated your COVID-19 digital certificate after 22 January 2022, the ‘valid from’ date shown will be the date you got your last primary dose, not your booster dose.

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Page last updated: 4 February 2022